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Waste Management Guidelines - Commercial Waste & Recycling

Douglas Borough Council undertakes regular collections of residential waste, details of which are available in the guidance relating to residential developments. For standard refuse and recycling collections there is no charge levied by the Council in addition to the rates. However, the arrangements for commercial waste are different. The Council does offer a commercial waste collection service alongside a currently free recycling service, with a range of container options and collection frequencies to suit all types of premises. Businesses can also choose to take out a contract with a fully licensed private waste collection firm. We strongly suggest you discuss your requirements with us as early as possible during the design process. 
Douglas Borough Council currently provides a free recycling service to commercial customers.  The following items can be put into the recycling bins:
•      Mixed paper and grey card
•      Plastic bottles
•      Food tins and drink cans
•      Glass
•      Cardboard
Consideration should be given in all circumstances to the provision of storage capacity for recyclates as well as general waste. Under Section 65(4) of the Public Health Act 1990 the Council can make it a condition of collection that recyclable materials are stored for collection in a particular way.
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