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Damaged Manx palms to be removed from Noble’s Park

Graham Newsome, Assistant Head of Parks (Technical) explained: ‘The trees, Cordyline Australis, are not completely hardy and the frosts of last winter have caused irreparable tissue damage. This creates “wounds” that allow bacterial infection to set in or, as the RHS terms the condition, Cordyline slime flux. The bacteria are always present in the palms, but it is the freezing that releases the infection and allows it to penetrate and cause lasting damage.’ 

Leisure Services Committee Chairman Councillor Stephen Pitts said: ‘While we recognise that these trees have been a part of the landscape in Noble’s Park for many years, it is imperative they be removed. If left to deteriorate further the trees would become an eyesore but, more importantly, they could pose a risk to safety should any of their branches fall. 

‘If the damaged trunks can be cleaned thoroughly and rid of all infection, we would hope to recycle the timber. Additionally all the palms removed will be replaced with standard trees. Simply put, this is a matter of “good housekeeping.”’