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Douglas Mayoresses recognised in roll of honour

Saturday, 22 September 2012 20:39

The invaluable service given by those who have held the office of Mayoress has been officially recognised with the unveiling of a roll of honour in Douglas town hall.


RollHonourZSC 2886The roll of honour lists every Mayoress and Mayor’s consort since the date of incorporation in 1896 and was unveiled by the Mayoress of Douglas Mrs Sylvia Ashford (pictured below) at a ceremony on Monday September 17th 2012 attended by a number of past Mayoresses together with Councillor Stephen Pitts who served as Mayor’s consort to his late wife Mrs Dot Pitts.


Joining the Mayoress was His Worship the Mayor Councillor David Ashford JP who, in welcoming the guests, said the event was ‘a unique occasion’ bringing together many former holders of the office. He said: ‘The idea for the roll of honour came in 2008 from the Leader of the Council, Councillor David Christian JP, as a list of Mayoresses had never been compiled. I undertook to carry out the research, a task that took two and a half years to complete and required considerable investigative work. What we have today is a piece of civic history and a means through which we can publicly demonstrate our heartfelt gratitude to the Mayoresses for all their hard work.


UnveilZSC 2856‘It can be extremely daunting to take on the role of Mayoress. Along with supporting the Mayor when carrying out civic duties, the Mayoress works tirelessly to raise funds for the annual charity appeal and it would be fair to say that many local community causes would be worse off were it not for the sterling efforts of Mayoresses down through the years.’


Among those attending the ceremony was Mrs Irene Ackary who served as Mayoress 39 years ago (1973-74). She was joined by Mrs Helen Callow (1992-93), Mrs Glenda Corkish (1995-96), Mrs June Craine (1994-95 and 2006-07), Mrs Ruth Denning (2005-06), Mrs Dianne Flaherty (2002-03), Mrs Connie Kennish (1989-90), Mrs Patricia Kinrade (1999-2001), Mrs Eileen Morley (1999-99), Mrs Pat Talavera (1978-79), Mrs Muriel Waterson (1975-76), Mrs Shirley Wilson (2009-10) and Councillor Stephen Pitts (2008-09).



GroupDSC 9277



Pictured above:

Front row

Mrs Pat Talavera, Mrs Shirley Wilson, The Mayor and Mayoress, Mrs Helen Callow, Mrs Eileen Morley and Mrs Ruth Denning

Middle row

Mrs Muriel Watterson, Mrs Glenda Corkish, Mrs Connie Kennish and Mrs Dianne Flaherty

Back row

Mrs Patricia Kinrade, Mrs Irene Ackary, Councillor Stephen Pitts and Mrs June Craine



RuthMayorZSC 2868

Designed by Colleen Corlett the Mayoresses’ roll of honour has taken its place in the foyer of the town hall alongside that of the Mayors of Douglas,


Pictured left:The Mayor with, left to right, former mayoresses Ruth Denning, Glenda Corkish and Patricia Kinrade