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Housing stock

Douglas Borough Council is the biggest provider of public sector housing on the Isle of Man with more than 2,300 properties. We provide a wide range of properties across the borough.These include:



Willaston is the largest estate we manage with a property stock comprising 4, 3, and 2-bedroom houses;2-bedroom maisonnettes; and 1-bedroom flats and bungalows.

Pulrose and Spring Valley

Pulrose and Spring Valley are two of the most developed estates in our housing stock comprising 4,3 and 2-bedroom houses;3 and 2-bedroom apartments;2-bedroom bungalows;and 3 fully disabled-adapted houses.

Anagh Coar

Anagh Coar was the first estate to benefit from the kitchen replacement scheme with a property stock comprising 3 and 2-bedroom houses and 2 and 1-bedroom flats.


Hillside is one of the oldest housing developments the Council owns. The estate encompasses properties on Circular and Westmoreland Road, and Princes and Allan Street. The housing stock comprises 5, 4, 3 and 2-bedroom houses.

Lheannag Park

Lheannag Park is a comparativley new estate, completed in 1994, with a housing stock comprising 3 and 2-bedroom houses;2 and 1-bedroom flats;and 2 and 1-bedroom bungalows.


Olympia is situated near Noble's Park and is an estate of three roads, Marathon Drive, Victoria Crescent and Falcon Cliff Terrace, comprising 3-bedroom houses.


Ballavagher is another comparatively new estate, completed in 1990, with a housing stock comprising 3 and 2-bedroom houses;and 2-bedroom bungalows.

Saddle Road

Saddle Road is a small terrace of nine 3-bedroom houses situated near the Saddlestone estate.

Town Centre

The town centre housing extends to Lord Street, James Street and King Street, also the newly built Hanover House, and comprises 4-bedroom maisonnettes and 3, 2 and 1-bedroom flats.

Edmund Chadwick Grove, Reayrt-y-Sheear

Lying within the first-time buyers' estate next to Johnny Watterson's Lane. These properties are available to applicants aged 50 and over only and comprise 2-bedroom apartments.

Tynwald Court

Tynwald Court is situated close to our Hillside properties, on Tynwald Street. These properties are available to applicants aged 50 and over only and comprise 2-bedroom apartments.

Sheltered housing

The Council has a wide range of sheltered housing comprising:
  • Hazel Court - 38 apartments;
  • Waverley Court - 76 apartments;
  • Ballanard Court - 22 bedsits.
For more details please refer to the sheltered housing page











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