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Repairs and Maintenance

You may report repairs required to your home by telephoning us on 696435 Monday to Friday 08:45 to 17:15. For out of hours emergencies call 671100.


If you have recently had a repair carried out in your home and would like to give us some feedback, please complete the customer satisfaction survey to the right of this page.




The amount of time that it takes to action a repair will depend on the type of repair reported.  The repair categories are detailed below:


Emergencies: Where a vital service has broken down and is likely to cause risk to you, your home or your belongings. This will be made safe within 24 hours or reporting. 

Urgent repairs: Those that can wait without causing major inconvenience. We aim to have these done no later than seven calendar days after they are reported. 

Routine repairs: Those that can wait without causing inconvenience to the tenant. We aim to have these done within one calendar month.


Emergency repair examples

Urgent repair examples

Routine repair examples

Total loss of water supply

Overflows and taps continually running

Boundary walls

Major water leak which is causing a flood

Broken sanitary fittings when they can no longer be used

Heating replacements

Blocked flue to a boiler or open fire

Extractor fan in kitchen or bathroom not working

Leaking radiators

Total loss of electric power


Window and roof repairs where they are not leaking


There are a number of repairs for which the responsibility lies with the tenant. Please see the downloadable document or refer to your tenants' handbook.


Central heating repairs and servicing


All our central heating repairs and servicing are now carried out by Stuart Clague Services (SCS) and you are required to contact them directly if you wish to report a fault. They can be contacted on 01624 696498 or via email


If an engineer attends and finds that there is no oil in the tank a standing charge of £94.80 will be invoiced for payment.


Out-of-hours (emergency) repairs


An emergency repair is one undertaken in response to serious risk to your health and safety and/or serious damage to the property. If the emergency is reported outside of normal office hours, workmen will usually call within three hours and make safe the fault and a full repair will be completed as soon as possible during normal working hours. The following emergency repair items will be attended to out of hours.


Central heating

Loss of heating system during winter months: November – April.

(Out of hours, call 696498).


Unsecure external door, window or lock


Loss of power

Unsafe power or lighting socket/switch

Loss of lighting to bathroom or stairway only

Loss or fault with a fire alarm system


Loss of water supply

Water leak from pipe, tank or cistern




To report an emergency repair out of normal office hours, please call the emergency service number 671100. (See 'Contact Details' opposite).


Please be advised that you may be charged if the repair is deemed to be the tenant's responsibility or has been caused by neglect of damage.




You must not make any alterations (including improvements) to your home without first obtaining our permission. Call the housing office or complete an Alteration Request form downloadable from this page.  Permission will not be unreasonably withheld, unless the alteration will make your home less safe, cost us money to maintain, or reduce the value of the property.


You will also need to comply with planning requirements and building regulations if applicable. For advice on planning requirements please call the government's planning advice section (See 'Contact Details' opposite). For advice on building regulations see also 'Contact Details' opposite.


Alteration examples include:


  • Changes to your kitchen or bathroom fixtures and fittings;


  • Knocking down any walls either inside your home or in your garden;


  • Changing fixtures and fittings that relate to water, gas or electricity;


  • Installing or moving an oil tank;


  • Installing central heating or changing a central heating boiler;


  • Changing windows and external doors;


  • Erecting sheds or greenhouses or other structures in your garden;


  • Constructing a dropped kerb and hardstanding for vehicles;


  • Erecting any external aerials (e.g. CB, TV or satellite);


  • Fitting additional locks;


  • Erecting conservatories or porches.


When leaving your property we expect you to leave it as you found it. We will arrange to inspect your home and assess the condition, durability and safety of any alterations you have made. If the alterations fail to meet our standards, you will be asked to rectify the problem or restore the property to its original condition. If we have to carry out these works, you will be charged for the costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be charged for any repairs ?

Yes, if you (or your family or visitors) damage or neglect your home, we will charge you for the cost of repairs. If there is evidence that the damage has been caused deliberately, you must pay for the cost of the repair before we can place an order for the work and we may take legal action.



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