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Waste Management Guidelines for Architects and Property Developers

When a planning application is submitted, Douglas Borough Council expects details of the proposed storage accommodation for waste and recyclable material to be specified and agreed. As a statutory consultee under the Town & Country Planning Act (1999) Douglas Borough Council will normally expect the submission of details indicating satisfactory storage arrangements for waste and recyclable material. However, in exceptional circumstances it may be considered appropriate to reserve details of the waste storage accommodation for approval prior to the commencement of construction.


Architects and developers are encouraged to consult with the Council’s Waste Management Department at the earliest opportunity in the design process to ensure that proposals for waste storage and collection meet the necessary requirements. Doing so will help to prevent unnecessary costs and delay if your design does not meet the requirements of the Building Regulations or Flats Regulations as this could require a new planning application to be submitted for any updated design or your development may not be able to be registered as flats. Developers of mixed-use or commercial sites may also need to consult with other waste collection providers to ensure that their requirements are met.

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