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War Memorial

The Douglas war memorial was unveiled and dedicated at a ceremony on Thursday May 29th 1924.


The Earl of Derby, the first honorary freeman of the Borough of Douglas, performed the unveiling ceremony and the memorial was dedicated by the Lord Bishop.


The design, 'one of dignified simplicity' according to a Council minute dated April 13th 1921, is by Ewart Crellin ARIBA  and takes the form of a 40ft-high column topped by a 10ft-high statue of an infantry soldier.


The memorial was constructed by TS Quayle, a stonecutter from Douglas. The infantry figure weighs three tons and was sculpted by H.Hemms of Exeter. The material is mostly Foxdale granite, the inscription panels and floor paving of the memorial are of Westmoreland slate. 




The names listed on the roll of honour amounted to 700, the result of a collaboration between the town clerk, Alexander Robertson and a 'Committee of Ladies'.


The cost, some £3,400, was raised by public subscription.

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