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Trees and high hedges

Trees and hedges in private gardens, parks and streets are of great importance to people, particularly in residential areas. However, they need to be selected and planted with care and managed appropriately if we are to make the most of their potential to enhance the environment. Trees are, in general, protected by the Tree Preservation Act 1993 and may be further protected by registration under the Act or through other legal safeguards which help to make sure that they are not lost or damaged needlessly.


Where trees or hedges get out of hand problems can occur, such as where a high hedge restricts someone's use or reasonable enjoyment of their property. The Trees and High Hedges Act 2005 was introduced to address this problem. Under this legislation the Council has delegated powers to deal with complaints about tree(s) and high hedges.  However, the Council can only intervene once an individual has tried and exhausted all other available avenues in attempts to resolve their dispute.


Please note that the role of Council is to act as an independent and impartial adjudicator in those cases which individuals cannot settle for themselves.


Both the Tree Preservation Act 1993 and Trees and High Hedges Act 2005 can be viewed on the Isle of Man Government’s Legislation Online website.



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