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Kerbside Collection Reminder - Round 10 Friday 5 July 2024 - Tynwald Day amended collection


Please note that kerbside recycle collection, Round 10 due Tynwald Day, Friday 5 July 2024, as per your kerbside calendar, these boxes will be collected on Monday 8 July instead.




Households covered by the scheme are provided with two or three recycling boxes and a shower-proof cover.


Please keep your box tidy and separate your items as it makes collection much easier:-


  • Glass in one box


  • Tin cans and plastics in another - or if you have space, keep these seperate


  • White paper, newspapers, grey cereal boxes in a bag


  • Brown cardboard in a bag or box


Note - we accept any plastic with the numbers 1, 2 or 5 inside the little recycle triangle that is usually stamped onto the plastic item. 


Please ensure your kerbside boxes are positioned at the curtilage of your property by 08:00 am on collection day.


Certain streets have already been assessed for suitability. If there are collections already taking place in your street it is likely that your address will be suitable.


For locations where no collections are currently being undertaken a site visit may be required to carry out a risk assessment. This is to ensure that the public and operatives will not be put at risk by the collection in a certain location.


Properties that are unsuitable for collection are as follows:


  • Where stopping the collection vehicle will block a crossing or junction;


  • Where stopping the collection vehicle will cause a major traffic delay on a main road;


  • Where there is any safety issue regarding the safe collection of material;


  • From large blocks of apartments where the siting of boxes for collection will cause a large obstruction;


  • Where the kerbside vehicle is unable to gain access.


If you are unsure whether your home is suitable for our standard collection service, please contact the Waste Services team. (See 'Contact Details') 






Frequently Asked Questions


Recycling Boxes

If you're looking to get started or require a new box you can acquire one by clicking the link below.


Send me my new box now!


What can i recycle?

There are many lists of recyclable materials but the rule of thumb is anything with this symbol is recyclable:




For additional information on what you can recycle try these resources:

Recycle for Mann


What about my green waste?

At the minute we don't offer a green waste collection service, however we do encourage people, where possible, to compost their green waste as it produces excellent compost.


The recycling centres provide large bins with separate compartments for glass bottles and jars, newspapers and magazines, food and drink cans, and aluminium foil and containers.


For more information see 'Useful Links' opposite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find public recycling facilities in the Douglas area?

There are mini recycling centres located at Tesco's car park, the Grandstand, Shoprite in Victoria Road and the Eastern Household Waste Recycling Centre at Middle River industrial estate





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