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'We're watching you' says Council in dog fouling crackdown

Saturday, 27 December 2014 10:43

Douglas Borough Council is to launch a poster campaign in January aimed at irresponsible dog owners who fail to pick up after their pets.


10996 KBT Dog Poster - Report those - Douglas Medium 


It has teamed up with environmental charity ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ to mount the ‘We’re Watching You’ campaign that uses glow-in-the-dark posters featuring a sinister pair of eyes.


Research by the charity has shown that dog walkers are more responsible when they think they are being watched. In the UK it recently conducted a social experiment working with 20 local authorities which saw an average reduction of 46 per cent in the levels of dog fouling.


Feedback indicated that dog fouling tended to occur at night and during winter months when dog owners felt they could not be seen failing to pick up after their dogs.


Environmental services committee chairman Councillor Ritchie McNicholl said: ‘Dog fouling is one of the issues attracting the most complaints. We recognise that the vast majority of dog owners are responsible people who pick up after their dogs but regrettably there will always be a minority who persist in flouting the borough’s byelaws and show no respect for others or for the environment.


‘In tandem with the campaign our borough wardens will remain vigilant across the Borough and it is heartening that many members of the public are supportive of the wardens’ efforts and take the time to report incidences of dog fouling. I am encouraged by the results achieved by local authorities in the UK trials and hope that Douglas will also see a reduction in this antisocial behaviour.’


The Council has identified three hot spots affected by high incidences of dog fouling where the posters will be erected. Ahead of the January campaign launch and with the combined forces of the borough wardens, and the waste services and rapid response teams, the three hot spots will be cleaned and monitored for evidence of dog fouling. The posters will then be put in place, the campaign launched and the sites monitored over a six-week period.


Council leader Councillor David Christian MBE JP  said: ‘The Council is pleased to be joining forces with Keep Britain Tidy in a bid to combat what is one of the most unacceptable types of litter.


‘Dog fouling on our streets and in our parks and open spaces is offensive to everyone. Implementing this innovative and uncompromising campaign is very much a partnership between the Council, the public and the police. This is a serious community problem that demands a community response.’


The Council is urging anyone who witnesses a dog owner failing to pick up to use the “Report It” function,, visit the Council’s website and follow the link or call the borough warden team on 696326.

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