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Mayor helps Praxis Care to 'unmask' mental health stigma

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 08:11

Praxis Care staff were invited to the Mayor’s parlour to launch their new initiative - ‘Unmasking Mental Health’.


Praxis Care was founded in Northern Ireland in 1983 and registered as a charity in the Isle of Man in 2000 with the start of the Home Support scheme.  Over the years the charity has continued to grow and now operates six different schemes in the areas of mental health and learning disability in partnership with the Department of Health and Social Care.


Over the coming year Praxis Care will be holding various awareness-raising events as well as attending local fundraising events under the 'Unmasking Mental Health’ theme, as people experiencing mental health issues often try to mask their problems and carry on with everyday life rather than talk openly about what is happening to them because of the stigma still associated with mental health.  


Praxis is hoping to raise awareness and promote people’s understanding  of mental health issues to reduce that stigma, so if you see the team at any events wearing masks please do come up and ask about their masks...and their work.



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