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Isle of Man Special Olympics team meet the Mayor

Saturday, 13 April 2019 22:38

His Worship the Mayor hosted a reception for members of the Isle of Man Special Olympics team following their medal-winning triumph at the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi.


AGroupTown-Hall-Special-Olympics-30 Medium 


17 athletes from the Island were among some 7,500 competitors from more than 190 countries competing across 24 sports. 


(Swimmer Andrew McGeehan swam in the team relay just two days after breaking his toe in the swimming pool).


1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-90 MediumEmily Keigwin - Swimming


Special Olympics Isle of Man is one of three charities which will benefit from the 2018-2019 mayoral charity appeal.


1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-1 MediumAndrew McGeehan - Swimming



 1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-8 MediumKyle Monaghan - 10-pin bowling



1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-14 MediumChelsey Lewis - Athletics


1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-10 MediumPaul Clucas - Gymnastics


1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-18 MediumNicola Wooldridge - Bocce


1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-17 MediumHarvey Shimmin - Cycling


1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-63 MediumEdgar Denyer - Swimming


1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-38 MediumDuncan Watterson - Athletics


1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-86 MediumDavid Hudson - Badminton


1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-79 MediumSean Roberts - 10-pin bowling


1ATown-Hall-Special-Olympics-4 MediumKatie Dulson