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Council introduces parking regulations in Noble's Park

Thursday, 11 February 2021 09:07

Douglas Borough Council is to regulate parking in Noble’s Park.


The introduction of a Parking Places Order signals the Council ’s move to clamp down on the growing use of Noble’s Park as an unauthorised long-term parking and storage lot, in particular by owners of motorhomes and other oversized commercial vehicles and trailers.


The measure comes in support of the Council’s Noble’s Park Traffic Management Plan, which aims to reallocate road use, provide a safe pedestrian environment and protect the park’s leisure amenity value.


Parking for vehicle owners using the park for leisure and associated legitimate purposes will be largely unaffected, with most areas becoming disc zones permitting a maximum stay of six hours.


On-site contractors and other authorised commercial operators will, however, be able to apply for a permit exempting them from the restrictions by applying to


The Parking Places Order will permit a maximum stay of 24 hours in a section of the paddock area. Signs will indicate which restrictions apply and where.


Looking to the future - and subject to planning approval - there may be provision for permitting regulated recreational use of motorhomes and camper vans in the park, but not for storage.


Regeneration and Community Committee Chair Councillor Stephen Pitts said: ‘The Council is keen to encourage the safe enjoyment of Noble’s Park. Far from seeking to impose a blanket ban on parking in the park, the measures we are introducing are designed to restrict vehicle parking to legitimate short-term users. Importantly, the Parking Places Order seeks to eliminate indiscriminate long-term parking of oversized vehicles – many of which are unsightly and dilapidated.’


He added: ‘The Council is fully supportive of the government’s active travel strategy, in particular plans to unlock Noble’s Park’s potential as a walking and cycling amenity. With this in mind we are working with the Department of Infrastructure regarding the park’s central role in the proposed North Douglas/Onchan cycle route, as part of the Council’s commitment to support low-traffic neighbourhoods and provide green and open spaces where people can safely incorporate some form of physical activity in their daily life.’