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New £3 Million Sustainable Site Set to Open

There’s just under a month until the Island’s new Eastern Civic Amenity site opens at Middle Park in Braddan.

Designed to take waste and recycling, the facility is set to open its doors on time and on budget on Thursday, 29th June.

The 1.4-hectare site, next to the Energy from Waste Plant, is publicly owned and operated by the Eastern District Joint Civic Amenity Site Committee which comprises officers and politicians from five local authorities – Douglas City Council, Onchan, Braddan, Santon and Garff Commissioners respectively.

It will provide for recycling and improved facilities to those at the current site including a much larger re-use area, skips and parking facilities. The site will also provide for the disposal of domestic waste that cannot be recycled or re-used.

The build began in August 2022 after the current site in Pulrose, which is used by over half the Island’s population, was deemed to be approaching maximum capacity.

The final day of operation at the current amenity site will be Sunday, 25th June. There will be no service in Douglas for three days (June 26-28) to allow staff to relocate all remaining equipment before opening the new Amenity site to the public at 8am on Thursday, 29th June.

All other amenity sites around the Island will remain open at this time.

The Mayor, Councillor Mrs Byron-Teare J.P., former Chair of the Eastern District Civic Amenity Site, said: ‘It is extremely positive to be in a position where we are now just a month from the opening of a development which will serve as a fine improvement of the existing amenity facility.

‘The project demonstrates our commitment and the commitment of our friends in neighbouring authorities to recycling and waste reduction. It acknowledges much needed facility improvements for the public and also helps protect the Island’s environment and society.’