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Force for good: Police officer gets clean shaven for charity

Acting Sergeant Steve Lapsley has submitted to the clippers, wielded by the Mayor of Douglas Councillor Carol Malarkey, and had his beard shaved off to raise money for Tabitha’s Trust, one of the causes to benefit from the mayoral charity appeal. 


Before DSC0433 MediumBefore


The shave was part of a fundraising session in the Strand Centre, Douglas in aid of Tabitha’s Trust, set up by Torie and Chris Kissack to support families in the Isle of Man through child bereavement.



During DSC0444 MediumDuring


Steve, who ahead of becoming whisker-free had already raised more than £800, said: ‘I met Chris after we’d taken part in the Mayor’s Deeply Dippy event earlier this year. I was so moved to hear about how Torie and he had lost their daughter Tabitha only hours after she was born that I decided on the spot to do something to raise money for Tabitha’s Trust.


 Tache DSC0465 Medium'Tache's' the way to do it



‘I’d had my beard for about 16 years and when I told my my family what I planned to do they were relieved. They definitely don’t want me to grow it back again.’


Half DSC0451 MediumHalf way to hairless


Eyes DSC0463 Medium'The eyes have, the eyes have it'




After DSC0473 MediumThe new look



TabithaGroup DSC0484 MediumHer Worship with a clean-shaven Steve Lapsley and Torie, Chris and Bailey Kissack of Tabitha's Trust



Group DSC0496 MediumHer Worship, Steve Lapsley and left to right PC Sarah Corkish, Chris Kissack, Danielle Watterson, PC Rob Lewis, Bailey Kissack, Sergeant Vinny Lund, Torie Kissack and Debbie Kermode