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Events and Party Recycling

Encouraging recycling activity at events not only preserves natural resources and saves on landfill charges but also can improve your guests perception. Recycling in the right way should promote a positive environmental image and present event and party organisers as responsible and respectful hosts.

A few simple preparations before your event can save a huge amount of time and save the earths natural resources.

Simple steps to recycling your event waste


 Food Waste

  • Plan the amount of food and drinks purchased to reduce the waste left at the end of the event.
  • Use menus where unused food can be frozen and saved for future use.
  • Make full use of a compost bin to turn your food waste into valuable compost.

 Cans and Bottles

  • Reduce the amount of waste by using re-usable glasses etc
  • Recycle cans glass and plastic bottles


Contact 696450 to arrange extra recycling bins for your party or event and place them where guests can use them easily.

Separate bottles and cans into separate bags. (no broken glass please) place by your normal recycling bins, and they will be collected with your next kerbside collection.

Ensure guests know that you intend to recycle the material and where the bins are located.

Organisers of large events can call the Kerbside waste management officer on 696450 for assistance in responsibly recycling at your event.