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Henry Bloom Noble Library invests in specialist book collection for young reluctant readers

Saturday, 16 July 2016 16:43

In a measure to support children living with dyslexia the Henry Bloom Noble Library has invested in a book collection by publisher Barrington Stoke, which specialises in ‘super-readable children’s books that break down the barriers that can stop kids getting into reading.’


 A BSC0037 MediumSue Rutter, left, with the library's Sophie Mills and Jan Macartney


The collection brings together the best of children’s authors and illustrators with features that promise to ‘offer cracking reads accessible to more children including those with dyslexia or visual stress’.


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Manx Dyslexia Association chairman Sue Rutter said: ‘Borough librarian Jan Macartney and her team have been consistently supportive, hosting a number of events for the association including one involving Barrington Stoke books and Listening Books. This was to encourage reluctant readers  as the vocabulary in books is very different from our everyday vocabulary. 


‘Barrington Stoke books use cream paper and a different font from other books and the typeface is spaced out more with fewer words per page because most reluctant readers are put off when they see a page “crammed” with words. The main appeal of these books, however, is that they are high-interest level for those with lower reading abilities. They cover a wide range of subjects with a big section for boys, who are often the ones who don’t read.


‘It speaks volumes for Jan and the Henry Bloom Noble Library that they now have the whole range of Barrington Stoke books available, which I hope will encourage more people to go and see these books, borrow them and get to enjoy reading. The Manx Dyslexia Association is very grateful to Jan and the Henry Bloom Noble Library for their commitment to supporting and encouraging those who do not find reading easy.’


Borough librarian Jan Macartney said: ‘At its heart the Henry Bloom Noble Library is about making books and the joy of reading accessible to all abilities and ages. Barrington Stoke recognises the sensitivities associated with reading difficulties and are doing much to help those who struggle with their reading, as is the Manx Dyslexia Association. We’re delighted, therefore, to be able to offer our support and connect reluctant readers with the exciting world of words and books by investing in what Barrington Stoke so aptly describes as a “cracking” collection of titles.’