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Mayor recognises Parks and Electrical Services' accomplishments

Saturday, 21 October 2017 09:30

The Mayor hosted a reception to recognise the achievements of the Parks Service for retaining six Green Flags and of Electrical Services for winning the Council the Biggest Saving in the Public Sector in the 2017 Department of Economic Development's Energy Awards for its project to convert the borough's street lighting to LED lanterns.


Referring to the Green Flags she explained that the scheme 'recognises and rewards well managed parks and green spaces, setting the benchmark for the management of recreational outdoor spaces across the British Isles and around the world.' In 2017 the Council retained its Green Flags for Noble's Park, the Marine Gardens, Douglas golf course, Douglas Head, Hutchinson Square and the crematorium and cemetery. 


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Turning to Electrical Services Her Worship explained that LED lanterns were more efficient and cheaper to run. She continued: 'The £1.5 million scheme started in February. With over 4000 street lights in the borough, the savings are expected to be huge and we've already seen, since February, a saving of £40,000. When the scheme finishes, the savings should amount to £2.7 million over 15 years.'


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In closing she thanked the teams for their work in creating 'such a positive image of Douglas as the island's capital'. 


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