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Medusa heads to the library

Friday, 01 August 2014 15:52

Another week into this year's Summer Reading Challenge - the Mythical Maze - and senior library assistant Shirley Moore is still coming up with some great ideas for activity sessions. This week the theme was the Medusa Maze, named after the Gorgon famed for having snakes instead of hair. 


Jones DSC2721MediumTwins Torryn and Matthew Jones, aged eight


For the seventh year in succession the Summer Reading Challenge is being sponsored by Scottish Widows.


Grace DSC2704MediumSenior library assistant Shirley Moore with Grace Francesca, eight and Cerys Mudie, nine



Corlett DSC2716MediumTwins Joseph and Millie Corlett, aged eight



FiveGroup DSC2712MediumClaire Naylor, Lily-Rose Gawne and Siddharth Shalkthival Matha Pandiah, all aged eight and Hanol Yang, six